Africa Seven CD & Vinyl

Catalog Artist Release Type Price
ASVN078 Jo Bisso African Disco Experimentals (1974 to 1978) 2xLP $38.30 Add To Cart
ASVN069 Various Artists Afro Psych (Journeys Into Psychedelic Africa 1972 - 1977) LP $27.00 Add To Cart
ASVN068 Afro National African Experimentals (1972-1979) LP $25.99 Add To Cart
ASVN067 Various Artists Reggae Africa (Roots & Culture 1972-1988) LP $24.99 Add To Cart
ASVN065 Momo Joseph War For Ground (Edition Speciale) LP $24.99 Add To Cart
ASVN064 Various Artists Afro Exotique - Adventures In The Leftfield, Africa 1972-82 LP $24.99 Add To Cart
ASVN062 Charly Kingson Born In Africa LP $23.99 Add To Cart
ASVN060 Various Artists Africa Airways Six (Mile High Funk 1974 - 1981) LP $24.99 Add To Cart
ASVN058 J. M. Tim ,Foty African Funk Experimentals (1977-1979) LP $25.99 Add To Cart
ASVN052 Eko Funky Disco Music LP $23.99 Add To Cart
ASVN050 Various Artists Africa Airways Five (Brace Brace Boogie 1976 - 1982) LP $24.99 Add To Cart
ASVN048 Jo Tongo African Funk Experimentals (1968-1982 + 2017) CD $13.99 Add To Cart
ASVN045 Sorry Bamba Du Mali LP $24.99 Add To Cart
ASVN044 Various Artists Return To The Mothers' Garden (More Funky Sounds Of Female Africa 1971 - 1982) LP $22.60 Add To Cart
ASVN043 Manu Dibango Ceddo (Bande originale du film) CD $13.99 Add To Cart
ASVN041 Various Artists Afrosonique Vol 01 2xLP $29.99  $26.99 Add To Cart
ASVN040 Various Artists Africa Airways Four (Disco Funk Touchdown - 1976 - 1983) LP $24.99 Sold Out
ASVN038 Ekambi Brillant African Funk Experimentals (1975-1982) LP $24.99 Add To Cart
ASVN035 Sory Bamba Du Mali LP $24.99 Add To Cart
ASVN030 Various Artists Africa Airways 03 (The Afro-Psych Excursion 1972 - 1984) LP $24.99 Sold Out
ASVN028 Pasteur Lappe African Funk Experimentals (1979 to 1981) LP $26.99 Add To Cart
ASVN027 Pasteur Lappe We, The People LP $24.99 Add To Cart
ASVN022 Various Artists Mothers' Garden (The Funky Sounds Of Female Africa 1975 - 1984) LP $22.60 Add To Cart
ASVN020 Manu Dibango Afrovision CD $13.99 Add To Cart
ASVN018 Tala AM African Funk Experimentals 1975 to 1978 CD $13.99 Add To Cart
ASVN015 Pasteur Lappe Na Man Pass Man LP $24.99 Sold Out
ASVN013 M'Bamina Experimental LP $24.99 Sold Out
ASVN011 Manu Dibango Home Made CD $13.99 Add To Cart
ASVN010 Various Artists Africa Airways 02 (Funk Departures 1973-1982) LP $24.99 Sold Out
ASVN009 Manu Dibango Sun Explosion CD $13.99 Add To Cart
ASVN007 Manu Dibango Manu 76 CD $13.99 Add To Cart
ASVN005 Jo Tongo Jo Tongo LP $24.99 Add To Cart
ASVN004 Jo Bisso Dance To It LP $24.99 Add To Cart
ASVN003 Jake Sollo Jake Sollo LP $24.99 Sold Out
ASVN002 Manu Dibango Ceddo (Bande Originale du Film) LP $24.99 Add To Cart
ASVN001 Various Artists Africa Airways 01 (Funk Connection 1973-1980) LP $24.99 Sold Out