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J. M. Tim & Foty
"African Funk Experimentals (1977-1979)"

Next up on our Funk Experimentals series we present Cameroonians Tim and Foty.

Tim (aka Jean Marie Tiam)and the sadly departed Maurice Foty who died in 2011. The musical cousins hails from Bafoussam in Cameroon. Their signature vocal harmony sound may be the first thing you hear, however they also have produced a host of funkiest African funk around. They sing in their native language Ngomâlah, as well as Duala and English.
We start the album off slowly with the scene-setting and largely instrumental "Douala By Night". Tight guitar and choppy clavi drive this song along. The groove is so deep even Missy Elliot couldn't resist a cheeky sample. "Funky Bafoussam" carries on the theme and expands it to include a kick-ass horn section. "More And More" is next and here the vocals burst forth over this up tempo punchy pop-funk track. With "Love Is Light" the pair show their versatility with a smooth English-sung soul ballad.
The hopelessly upbeat "Aie" is next with its earworm keyboard riff, slice guitar and catchy falsetto vocal. "Not So Bad" brings on the boogie. "I Love Yaounde" is a smooth swinging boogie-ballad with a killer chorus hook. "Eda" is a hit from early in their career. We close of the comp with the disco funk of "Funky Boogie Love" and synth grooves of "Eya Mba".
The songs on the comp represent only a 2 year period but some of the finest from the duo. These days Tim keeps the Tim and Foty flame alive. He currently lives between France and Cameroon. A musical flame that most definitely is burning bright.

01. Douala By Night. Written by Alan Deloumeaux & J.M. Tiam.
02. Funky Bafoussam. Written by Alan Deloumeaux & Mahmoud Houari.
03. More And More. Written by Kembiwo Fotie.
04. Love Is Light. Written by Kembiwo Fotie & J.M. Tiam.
05. Aie. Written by Kembiwo Fotie.
06. Not So Bad. Written by Kembiwo Fotie & J.M. Tiam.
07. I Love Yaounde. Written by J.M. Tiam.
08. Eda. Written by Kembiwo Fotie & J.M. Tiam.
09. Funky Boogie Love. Written by by J.M. Tiam.
10. Eya Mba. Written by Kembiwo Fotie.
Mastered by Eugene @ Cromon Tor. Audio Restoration by Timmy @ Tiger Bright Studios (
Artwork by Rich Elson.
Compiled by John Bryan.
(C) 2018 Africa Seven

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