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Jake Sollo
"Hot N' Spicy EP"

Jake Sollo was one of the most prolific innovative musicians from Nigeria in the 70s and 80s having featured on so many great records. With this digital only Hot N’ Spicy EP, we present tracks from two of his singles, Hot N Spicy (1978) and Shockproof (1980). This collection of songs really shows Sollo’s diversity as an artist, offering some more Caribbean influenced tracks alongside a more 80s sound.
The EP kicks off with the title track 'Hot N’ Spicy', which sees afrobeat rhythms, tropical guitars and steamy vocals. Following up with 'Jaqueline' we see a little more of Sollo the renowned musician and arranger with this instrumental, world infused number. 'Shockproof' is a solid 80s tune, think The Police meets The Talking Heads in Africa with a face-melting guitar solo for good measure. 'Boats Without A Hope' maintains the 80s style but is a little slower and finishes off the EP nicely.

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