We are a record label. We may be based in Paris and London but our hearts firmly rooted in the universal motherland. We love African music, we want everyone to hear it and we want to spread the love. We are a collective of crate diggers, afro music-heads, label spotters and vinyl buying obsessives. We don't have any particular musical release agenda apart from,

"is it of African origin, does it have a beat?, do we like it?".

Launching in 2015 with the "Africa Airways" compilation series, we've gone on to re-issue several long lost gems from across Africa from the likes of Pasteur Lappe, Manu Dibango, Jo Tongo, Ekambi Brillant, Momo Joseph, Jake Solo & Jo Bisso


Nous sommes basés à Paris et à Londres, notre cœur est fermement ancré dans la mère patrie universelle. Amoureux de la musique africaine, notre ambition est de la répandre dans le monde entier, Nous sommes un groupe de collectionneurs de disques, des passionnés de musique afro, des dénicheun rs de talents et des grands acheteurs de vinyles.

"Votre musique est-elle d'origine africaine? a-t-elle du rythme?".

Lancé en 2015 avec la série de compilations "Africa Airways", nous avons réédité plusieurs succès du passé Africains, comme Pasteur Lappe, Manu Dibango, Jo Tongo, Ekambi Brillant, Tala AM, Momo Joseph, Jake Sollo et Jo Bisso.


(More Funky Sounds Of Female Africa 1971 - 1982)

In 2018 we introduced our first Mothers' Garden compilation on International Womens' Day. This compilation looked to shine a light on the often under-acknowledged musical contribution from female African artists. In 2019 we are back with Volume 2 presenting yet again some of Africa's most recognised female artists alongside some lesser known artists. Whilst the roster might have changed slightly, the quality of music is as funky as before and the message stays the same.

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