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Tala A.M. : Black Gold
Manu Dibango : Mimbo
Sookie : Choco Date
African Souls Band : Nande
Manu Dibango : Ceddo
Manu Dibango : Les Cavaliers
Manu Dibango : Le Reve De Dior
Manu Dibango : La Boisson
Manu Dibango : Marabout
Manu Dibango : Ceddo
Manu Dibango : Qui Est Fou De Qui?
Manu Dibango : Bokilo's Boogie
Manu Dibango : Mimbo
Manu Dibango : Mouvment Forward
Manu Dibango : Besoka
Manu Dibango : Angola
Manu Dibango : Sun Explosion
Manu Dibango : Tropical Garden
Manu Dibango : Ah! Freak Sans Fric
Manu Dibango : Oh Koh
Afro National : Push Am Forward
Afro National : Temedi Oh
Afro National : Afro National
Afro National : Baby Anna
Afro National : Marie
Afro National : Wondemuyei
Afro National : Den Kick
Afro National : Awani
Afro National : Jokenge
Afro National : Mother-In-Law
Afro National : Gowa
Afro National : Money Palava
Afro National : Yamba Lay
Afro National : Yorneh Yorneh
Afro National : Kama Kama
Afro National : Tollon Tollon
Afro National : Elef Pan You
Afro National : Gbaunkalay
Manu Dibango & Hal Singer : The Soukouss 1
Manu Dibango & Hal Singer : The Soukouss 2
Afro National : Jokenge (IG Culture Edit)
Sory Bamba : Nani Nani (Appleblim Edit Over Dub)
Douglas Mbida : Nnom Mot (Ry9n & Knid Edit Over Dub)
Sookie : Rhythm On Rhythm (DJ Food Chop-up)
Manu Dibango : Les Cavaliers (Plaid Edit Over Dub)
Pasteur Lappe : Sekelimania (Nku Bilam) (Jabru Edit Over Dub)
Bunzu Soundz : Zinabu (Moody Boyz Edit Refix)
Bozambo : Bgklouala-Niklouala (Redpine & Solo Edit Over Dub)
Manu Dibango : Ceddo
Manu Dibango : Les Cavaliers
Manu Dibango : La Reve De Dior
Manu Dibango : La Boisson
Manu Dibango : Morabout
Manu Dibango : Ceddo (Cenerique de fin)
Manu Dibango : Sun Explosion

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Various Artists
"Africa Airways 03 (The Afro-Psych Excursion 1972 - 1984)"

We are pleased to welcome you once more aboard Africa Airways.

We are pleased to welcome you once more aboard Africa Airways. For your third flight your pilot has informed us of some particularly adverse turbulence en-route. Your trip may be multi-coloured, the winds may be swirling and the clouds may be kaleidoscopic. Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts for your mind-expanding journey through the Afro-Psych skies.
Opening up proceedings are Afro National from Sierra Leone. Their progressive psyche-highlife foot-stomper setting down a marker for things to come. Next it is Ifang Bondi who serves up a swirling concoction of powering afro rhythms, fuzz guitar, magic flute, fuzz organ, all underpinned with a driving powerful driving bass line. Next stop is Mali where Sory Bamba serves up the highlight from his 1979 album "Kanaga 78". An early use of psychedelic synthesizer paired cleverly with pulsating bass guitar and harsh choppy guitar.
We step forward in time a few years for the distorted guitar chords and over-stacked beats of "Nzango" by African Black. Bunzu Soundz from Ghana close side A with their choppy, percussive, "Zinabu".
Messi Jacques & Les Dissoumbas De Libreville open up side B with "Onga Ben Ma Na Mene Mebua", prepare for an onslaught of psych organ, crazed drumming and eeechho vocals to the max. Decca West Africa, Nigerian favorites Ofo and The Black Company grind out the psych factor next with their conga driven fuzz fest "Allah Wakbarr". The Damas Swing Orchestra slow proceedings down with their afro left-field swing micro epic "Odylife".
We take a brief detour via Indonesia for the AKA and their dance floor mover "Shake Me". It’s a track of two halves. Psychedelic throughout but in the second half things swing fast and funky. We close down with the master Manu Dibango. Proving he can turn his hand to just about any genre of music, the Cameroonian legend delivers his pensive, xylo-driven, riff locked, soundtrack epic "Ceddo" to close out our journey.
Welcome to your destination. We hope you enjoyed your trip.

A1) Afro National - Push Am Forward
Written by Afro National. Published by Copyright Control. (P) 1972 Sonafric
A2) Ifang Bondi and The Afro Mandingue Sounds - Atis-A-Tis
Written by Ifang Bondi. Published by Copyright Control.
A3) Sory Bamba - Kanaga 78
Written by Sory Bamba. Published by Copyright Control. (P) 1979 Sonafric
A4) African Black - Nzango
Written by Makome & Meack M. Published by Espérance. (P) 1984 Disques Espérance
A5) Bunzu Soundz - Zinabu
Written by Faisal Helwani. Published by Copyright Control. (P) 1976 Decca West Africa
B1) Messi Jacques & Les Dissoumbas De Libreville - Onga Ben Ma Na Mene Mebua
Written by Messi Jacques. Published by Espérance. (P) 1979 Sonafric
B2) Ofo & The Black Company - Allah Wakbarr
Written by Ofo & The Black Company. Published by Copyright Control. (P) 1972 Decca West Africa
B3) Damas Swing Orchestra - Odylife
Written by Damas, Kozim & Benadj Adi. Published by Copyright Control. (P) 197? Sonafric
B4) Aka - Shake Me
Written by Aka. Published by Copyright Control. (P) 1979 Aka.
B5) Manu Dibango - Ceddo
Written by Manu Dibango. Published by Copyright Control. (P) 1977 Fiesta Records
Audio Restoration By Timmy @ Tiger Bright Studios (www.tigerbright.net).
Mastered By Eugene @ Cromon Tor. Artwork By Rich Elson.
Thanks To Nik Weston, Keith Slater, Stevie Kotey & Jo Bisso.
Compiled By John Bryan – www.johnbryan.info
(C) 2016 Africa Seven Records

1. Afro National - Push Am Forward