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Momo Joseph
"Love Africa Soul & Cameroun Airlines"

Introducing Momo Joseph's "Love Africa Soul"

Introducing Momo Joseph's "Love Africa Soul", originally released in 1980 on BBZ Productions, now remastered and reissued digitally, including an edit from Mr Mukatsuku, Nic Weston. Joseph was born in Baleveng, Cameroon in 1952 and is a fully fledged film star, having appeared in a number of critically acclaimed films including La Haine (1995) and L'African (1983). Luckily his on-screen activities didn't interfere with him making some killer afro-disco records. "Love Africa Soul" alongside his LP "War For Ground" make up his small sought-after catalogue.
Despite living most of his life outside of Cameroon, he kept strong connections with fellow Cameroonian all-stars such as Tala A.M. and Manu Dibango. This superb digital release, with an added edit, looks to help shine a light on Momo's career and musical genius.

Written by Momo Joseph.
Additional Production on 03. Mukatsuku.
(P) & (C) 2018 Africa Seven

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