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Pierre Kemayo known as Kemayo or Elvis Kemayo (in reference to his idol Elvis Presley) is primarily a Makossa artist.. In 1984, his title "Africa music non-stop," a medley mixing various styles including Makossa , soukous , zouk, funk and rock that became a huge dance hit in Central Africa and with the Central African Diaspora in Europe . The same hit will be covered by a number of artists of the continent. Elvis Kemayo started singing at age 13 with local band but it was not until three years later that he began to perform in nightclubs clubs of Douala, At age 19, he was invited to the King's Club of Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon. In 1970, he moved to Port Gentil, in Gabon, where he made ??his name playing in various nightclubs. In Gabon, his popularity was such that he would later become Director of the Gabon National Orchestra and open the Mademba recording studio in Libreville. In the late 1990s, Elvis Kemayo is appointed Managing Director of JPS, a Cameroonian independent production and distribution label founded by Jean-Pierre Saar. In 2000, he released his own album, Vision, and subsequently produced various Cameroonian artists including Manu Dibango , Lady Ponce , Grace Decca and several Congolese artists such as JB Mpiana , Werrason , Wenge Musica Maison Mère , Zaïko Langa Langa , Madilu System and many others. In 2008, "Mba Abessolo" a production with Gabonese artist Alexis.Abessolo is a big hit. In 2011, he ran for election of Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Copyright Agency of Cameroon , SOCAM.

Releases: ASVN001: Various Artists : Africa Airways 01 (Funk Connection 1973-1980)
ASVN040: Various Artists : Africa Airways Four (Disco Funk Touchdown - 1976 - 1983)
Tracks: Kemayo : Kag Am
Kemayo & K. System : Biram